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a kleva|built product

genesis jack


in the beginning...

In the beginning, one would struggle and expend excessive amounts of energy to add and remove weightlifting plates when deadlifting or any movements starting from the ground. Clever gym goers discovered a trick to speed up the process just a bit: placing a small plate on the floor and rolling the inside plate over the edge of it allows you to add/remove plates with less hassle...but just barely. 
Companies began to see a void in the market and came out with alternatives.

Over the past few years, there have been attempts made, by multiple companies, to solve all of our weight plate loading problems, yet, there was room for improvement, a lot of improvement. The jacks that worked best were the bulky full size jacks; not many gyms had them, not many gyms could afford them, and there was no way you were dragging those big boys to and from the gym. The more compact versions that followed were not very compact by any standard, but it proved to be the better option at its time. We were still left high and dry.

ENTER GENESIS JACK: Two years ago, I gathered all dissatisfaction and defects related to the current jacks, added a dose of creativity and innovation, mixed it in a small garage with some sweat, love, and elbow grease, and  out came the first prototype. It was primal, heavy, and rudimentary, but it was a great and exciting start. It was the beginning. It was the genesis

Two years later, I have created a jack that is compact. Weighing under two pounds, you can toss it in your gym bag without being weighed down, leaving ample space for your gym clothes, protein shake, and as many pairs of shoes as you need (who else brings two pairs of shoes to the gym? Raise of hands please.) .   My design requires very little effort.  With one motion, you can single handedly (literally) and quickly elevate the barbell as the bar becomes more stable as the load increases. Not only is this jack light, compact, and effective, it looks pretty bad*ss too. Six prototype revisions, process changes, material experimentation, and hours of CAD time have gone into this project, and it has not been in vain. Equipped with UHMW polyethylene inserts (we call them jack hooks over here),  your/your gyms' weight lifting bar will remain in perfect condition. These custom Genesis Jack hooks are replaceable, even though they last forever (well, nothing lasts forever)! Constructed of 6061 aluminum (a super strong and super light metal), it is strong enough to support more weight than you will ever touch, while staying light and portable.

I designed the Genesis Jack to be used and seen as an extension of your arm. My Wife and I believe that you were intentionally created. Every muscle, every bone, every joint, and every cell in your body...every detail of what makes your body work was created specifically for a purpose. God put heavy on my heart to use what skills He has given me as a testimony to His already beautiful and functional creation. When you put my jack to use, you will feel like you are using a part of your own body.  Every part of this design is on purpose: from the grip recessions, to the notches in the “foot", each and every feature has been meticulously thought over (and continually revised) and intentionally made, as I envisioned YOU with this jack.

I am proud to finally release this product to the public, namely, you. We felt it vital that we do not sell the rights or design to any of the interested buyers. We never want to value quick profit over meaningful relationships and connection (with our partners, carefully sourced vendors, and our customers). We would rather sell directly from our shop to your hands. In saying this, each and every jack is hand assembled, quality checked, and personally packaged by our team, my Wife, or me. We build each and every jack with you in mind and cannot wait for you to experience it.  

Please know that we are only one email away. We, The Klevas, feel so blessed to have a place in your life (well, at least in your gym bag). 

(and Ciara)